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 (Updated 12th February, 2016)

This page has the downloads for things listed elsewhere on the site.


Version 2.14

Version 2.13

If you find 2.14 causes problems with your chosen SD card, try version 2.13 - the most common version used on FreHD.



This file is required on your SD card to work in conjunction with the auto-boot EPROM installed in the TRS-80 and firmware 2.13 or 2.14 on your FreHD.

Latest Version ZIP



NEW!! Quinnterface SD-CARD contents starter files ZIP

(Contains LDOS 5.3.1, NEWDOS/80 2.5, DOSPLUS 3.5 and frehd.rom) - floppy drive support disabled

UPDATED!! SD-CARD contents starter files ZIP

(Contains LDOS 5.3.1, NEWDOS/80 2.5, DOSPLUS 3.5, and frehd.rom) - floppy drive support enabled

EPROM (27C256) Level II Basic 1.2 + 1.3 FreHD auto-boot BIN

EPROM (27128) Level II Basic 1.3 FreHD auto-boot BIN

How to upgrade a Model I to FreHD auto-boot PDF



SD-CARD contents starter files ZIP

(Contains LS-DOS 6.3.1, LDOS 5.3.1*, NEWDOS/80 2.5*, CP/M 2.2, and frehd.rom)

* only works on TRS-80 Model III

Model III U106 (ROM C) EPROM (2716) FreHD auto-boot BIN

Model 4 Non-Gate Array U70 (ROM C) EPROM (2716) GEN1 FreHD auto-boot BIN

Model 4 Non-Gate Array U70 (ROM C) EPROM (2716) GEN2 FreHD auto-boot BIN

NEW!! Model 4 Gate Array, 4D U4 (ROM B/C) EPROM (2764) FreHD auto-boot BIN

NEW!! Model 4P (single ROM) EPROM (2732) FreHD auto-boot BIN

NOTE 1: for the M4GA, 4D, and 4P require soldering wires from an oversized EPROM to various points on your TRS-80 motherboard.  You need to have soldering ability and be able to follow instructions.  The modification is reversible if you run into troubles - remove the oversized EPROM and clip off the added wires and you can return your computer to normal.


NOTE 2: the NF6X adapter board works well if you want to install both the Auto-Boot Eprom into a Model 4 Gate Array or 4D and flick between them with a switch.  For more information check the NF6X website.  Again you need to be able to solder but the end result is a neat little modification.  Thanks Mark.



(Unmodified 4Ps with standard Boot ROM)

LS-DOS 6.3.1 auto-boot file ZIP

LS-DOS 6.3.1 auto-boot file for HI-RES systems ZIP

CP/M 2.2 auto-boot file ZIP



This great little utility identified which Rom set you have in your TRS-80 Model I, III, 4 or 4P to help determine which is the best FreHD auto-boot EPROM to install in your computer.  Program by Dean Bear (C) 2014.  Written in Z80 assembly language so unzip it and Xmodem it over to your TRS-80.

Latest Version ZIP



My entry in the TRS-80.ORG.UK Dr Who titles competition to win a free FreHD.  DSK file is in 40 track single-sided double-density LDOS format, as one file on it: DWINTRO/BAS




(Added 16th October, 2014)

MAL (Modem ALgorithm) is a fantastic yet small and easy to use Comms program for the Model I and III.  Written in the early 1980s by Rob Jorgensen and updated in 1987 by Random Element for high-speed operation (1200, 2400, 9600 baud) and easy Xmodem transfers.  This is the last known release version 2.20s and has always been Public Domain so enjoy it for free! 

Download MAL.ZIP unzip and Xmodem it over to your TRS-80



(Added 19th April, 2015)

Allows you to add a DSK, DMK, or JV3 virtual disk image to your system so you can transfer its contents to your FreHD hard drive image.  Usage: SYSTEM (DRIVE=x,DRIVER="DSK/DCT",ENABLE).  It will then ask for the disk image file name you want to add (copied to your SD card beforehand) and then that image is available as drive x... DIR X: to have a look at it.  

Download DSK.DCT and Xmodem it over to your TRS-80


Model III Store Demonstration Disk cat. no. 700-1001

(Added 18th April, 2015)

A great Tandy Australia Store demo explains the Model III, VisiCalc, and Scripsit.  These demos were not for public release so they are very difficult to find these days, so enjoy!  

Download STORDEMO.ZIP, it unzips to a DSK file which will run on any emulator.


HyperCross for the Model 4

(Added 12th February, 2016)

Read/write/copy between different TRS-80 and non-TRS-80 disk formats, includes MSDOS, Coco DOS, and most importantly for Mappa-1 users: most CP/M formats including Omikron.



RSCC Diagnostics suite for the Model III/4

(Added 4th September, 2016)

Tests disk drives and RS232 (Model III) and 64K/128K memory (Model 4).  It's in DSK format and is an image of a TRSDOS 1.3 diskette which boots on all Model III/4/4P computers.





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